Flameless Gas Hobs

Our Flameless Gas Hobs Range includes the following products. Please read on to learn more about our Gas Hobs or click on the links below to find out more about the individual products.

Connecting the hob to gas network is done the same way as in traditional stoves – you will need an authorized gas specialist, who checks the tightness of the connection and stamp the warranty.

See our gallery below, for some images of our beautiful ceramic appearance, modern design, saving up to 50% on energy bills for gas and safety at a high level. Meet our invention and let yourself be inspire.



  • It is a gas hob, so it does not require special pots.
  • GPC looks similar to electric hobs; its modern design may fit in perfectly in your kitchen.
  • This being a flameless ceramic hob, it is very easy to keep clean.
  • Solgaz hobs have a touch control panel for simple and safe control.
  • The gas is burned at about 800°C, which results in the removal of retardant gas ingredients, and hence, they leave no greasy deposits on dishes and furniture. This also results in odorless exhaust fumes.
  • Award the “1st Place Medal” in the Featured Product competition at the Szczecin International Fair.


  • Gas consumption is reduced by up to 50% compared to traditional gas stoves.
  • The burners only heat up the hob in designated spots, hence no heat losses.
  • There are breaks in gas combustion; when this happens, the burner gives off heat of the heated radiator to the hob’s heating zone, so as not to consume gas all the time. This is the so-called cycle work, which is not found in traditional gas hobs.
  • Every model has one or two residual heat areas (“free burners”). These are located over the fume channels, require no gas intake; they do, however, allow heating up food during the operation of the medium or large burner. This gives you the additional energy from fume heat.
  • The high temperature of the burner allows for greatly improved gas usage, compared to standard gas stoves.


  • The touch panel allows for easy and safe control of the hob: it provides the user with information on current status as well as indicates possible errors.
  • It is possible to lock the device against accidental activation (child lock).
  • Fume vents are covered with special high temperature enamel.
  • Lack of open flame protects you against setting fire e.g. to your clothes or spilled oil.
  • Starting the hob only requires a voltage of 12V.
  • Contrary to induction hobs, it does not emit high-frequency radiation, which enables people with pacemakers to use it.
  • Our built-in hobs are protected against gas leakage.
  • The hot heating zone change color to red.
  • Residual heat indicator only disappears after the burner has cooled down.
  • Our products are CE certified, confirmed by the Institute of Oil and Gas.


  • Power consumption is minimal (compared to a small light bulb).
  • Ten times less carbon monoxide in the fumes makes this stove environmentally-friendly and, above all else, user-friendly.
  • Thorough gas combustion protects the environment against pollution.


  • Works with almost every type of gas.
  • The hob heats up quickly.
  • Does not require three-phase power supply.
  • In case of power shortages, the hob is powered by an emergency power supply (optional).
  • Quality of workmanship provides reliability and years of trouble-free operation.

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