Induction Cooktop

You do not need designated burners – induction cooktop SI-4T locates pots itself and adapts to them. Designed for stylish, minimalist kitchens, which like cooking cold to the touch.

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The Induction Cooktop SI 4T  Features 9 power control levels for each section of the hob (2 on the left, two on the right, and the entire left-hand and entire right-hand side). A Stop’n’Go feature permits the user to suspend the hob’s operation (e.g. during a telephone call), for each of the surfaces to later run at the same – memorised – heat level. The timer – you can program your hob so that every pot is heated just the length of time required.


  • This induction type hob automatically locates the position of pots however arranged – irrespective of their size and layout
  • Also featured is a lock to prevent the hob from being accidentally switched on by children
  • The booster – it concentrates heat where it is needed and heats up to 30% faster
  • Can be connected to the power supply in two ways: 230V single-phase and 400V two-phase.


  • Free – this feature creates one large heating area for cooking in large pots
  • When the dish being cooked needs to be maintained at a steady temperature for a long time – all that needs to be done is set the appropriate function for the hob and the rest is automatic (42°C, 74°C or 94°C)
  • The heat in a particular area is automatically switched off when the pot is removed from the hob
  • The hob needs no metal grates or other protruding elements
  • Cleaning is very easy and convenient
  • A minimalist style – perfectly suiting modern kitchens
  • As many as 3 pots can be heated on one side
  • Kitchen utensils with flat and thick bases increase efficiency, with an energy saving of as much as 1/3 compared to other heat sources


Induction Cooktop Control


1.  Pause – Stop’n Go
2. Function of maintaining the heat
3. Power/time setting – slider
4. Function of accelerating the cooking – booster
5. Lock sensor – key
6. Power supply – ON/OFF
7. Timer
8. Selection of the cooking zone

Technical Specifications

Nominal voltage 220-240V AC/400V 2N~
Nominal power of the hob surface measuring 220 x 200 mm 1800/3000 W
Nominal power of the hob surface measuring 220 × 400 mm 3000/4000 W
Dimensions 590mm x 520mm x 60mm
Weight 12,5KG


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