Compact Oven SP 34

3 in 1: Oven + Microwave + Steam cooking. All in one device! In addition, 80 automatic functions.

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  • Oven + Microwave + Steam cooking. All in one device!
  • Select type of food (e.g. asparagus) and its weight, and the oven will adjust power and type of heating.
  • Steam cooking is not only practical but above all healthy and clean
  • 80 automatic functions + 16 permanent functions. Enter weight and type of food and the rest just happens.
  • Touch control looks good and it is easy to clean.
  • Cool layer in the door provides safety of children.
  • Steam cleaning will save a lot of precious time.
  • Oven accessories: glass tray + metal grate + filler for water.


Basic Manual Functions

  • Microwave oven – from 100 to 900W. We used microwave underneath, which greatly reduces heating time.
  • Oven/thermocirculation – known from other ovens of good quality. Different variations of heating to select from.
  • Steam cooking – healthy, clean, pleasant, light and easy.
  • Toaster/ surface barbecue grill – a function dedicated e.g. to toasts and casseroles.
  • Combining functions – e.g. oven + steam at a time, microwave + heat treatment on a grill with a fan etc.
  • Defrosting – accelerated defrosting.
  • Child lock – prevents from turning on by the curious cooks.
  • Self-cleaning – a special program cleans a device by itself using steam.
  • Timer – select the number of minutes after which an oven is turned off, and it will do it for you.

In addition, 80 automatic functions

Select scale and type of food and the rest just happens.

To select from, e.g. salmon fillet, jacket potatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, melting chocolate, whole chicken, leg, wings, sausages, fresh or frozen pizza, muffins, oatmeal and 67 other popular dishes. The device will automatically select a temperature, amount of steam, heater power or ventilation– select scale and type of food and the rest just happens.

Technical Parameters

EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS 595 x 525 x 454 mm
Input/output power (microwave) 1550W / 900W
Output power (grill/convection) 1200W / 1750W
Input power (steam) 1500W
Input power (maximum) 3300W


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